Woodwarm stoves are handcrafted in the UK. Our passion for quality, design and the environment has helped us produce stoves that combine state of the art efficiency with reduced pollution to create really environmentally friendly appliances. Woodwarm Stoves are constructed with a steel body with cast iron and stainless-steel fittings. Each one is individually built by craftsmen and are rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality. Some of our fires are still in use some 40 years on, what else do you have that's still working at 40 years old? We know how to keep the glass clean; we know how to get the maximum use from your fuel, we are unrivalled in our canopy, fuel, colour, leg, handles, plinth, and pedestal, options. Because you buy a house for comfort and as an investment, your choice in a stove should be the same. 
Prices from £1,205 
Town and Country Fires is a family run business based in Pickering on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Once farmers, the Thurlow family took the big decision to diversify and as a consequence started the stove business in 1977. Town and Country Fires are one of the very few stove people who actually make the stoves from start to finish. We design and perfect the combustion in the stoves, so that they out-perform some of the very best stoves across the world. We buy best British steel, cut it accurately with a laser cutter, then bend it with a C.N.C. press. The metal formed shapes are then passed to our robot welder which produces high penetration, extremely accurate joints. Once the bodies have been produced in this way, they are finished by hand, which includes shot blasting to enable a good penetration of paint. Some of the stoves are completely hand made, by staff who have worked for us for many years. 
Prices from £1,291 
Dean Forge (Est.1969) a leading manufacturer of Woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves based in Devon. 
Dean Forge manufacture a range of Traditional and Contemporary Woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves including the well proven and popular Clearburn, Dartmoor and Sherford Ranges. 
Prices from £1105 
A small family run business located near the stunning coastline of the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. What inspires and excites us is beautiful, functional design. We love things that look amazing and perform brilliantly. We love fire and steel. We love the idea of stoves, objects that warm homes and lives, that can be fuelled by a renewable resource like trees. We want our stoves to burn as efficiently and cleanly as possible, a number of our stoves are already Ecodesign compliant. 
Prices from £1200 
Danish design with the focus on quality and price 
When buying a TermaTech stove, you are guaranteed the highest quality. All our wood-burning stoves are approved by and meet the most stringent requirements in Europe. We produce wood-burning stoves that provide warmth on several fronts – in terms of design, price and the environment. 
Prices from £1415 
The Hunter Stoves Group are the proud designers and manufacturers of eight world-class stove ranges. Our wood burning, multi-fuel, and gas stoves, have been warming homes for over 40 years and our commitment to innovation, research & development, and the natural environment, are reflected in each one of our wide range of products. 
Prices from £995 
The Defra Approved Hampton 5 is one of the most up to date and cleanest wood burning stoves sold in the UK. It has been tested and approved to meet the new Ecodesign requirements that will be mandatory for all stoves by 2022, making this a stove for now and for the future. 
Prices from £650 
This stove answers a lot of customers' problems - they need a physically large wood only stove but can only install one with a 5kw output. This has been achieved with this model by clever design. The external body is very wide (560mm) but the depth of the stove is shallow (314mm). 
Prices from £695 
From an exciting new range of stoves brought to you from renown brand ACR, the Woodpecker WP4 & WP5 are superb multi-fuel stoves packed with the very latest features normally only associated with higher priced models. EcoDesign compliant and boasting an extremely clean, controllable burn. 
Prices from £819 
Born and Bred in the Lake District, these British-designed wood-burning stoves are Eco Design 2022 ready ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and cleanliness. The slender cast iron door frame and large window provide a stunning view of the fire, and the powerful air wash system works to continuously clear any combustion deposits. With three window sizes to choose from, there is a model to suit every room and fireplace opening, and will truly be the focal point of any home. 
Prices from £899 
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